Cognitive and neural mechanisms of decision making with visual information, visual perception, and spatial cognition.

Current Reseach

I am currently working on the following research topics

Decisions with Visualizations

Every day we make numerous decisions with the aid of visualizations, including selecting a driving route, deciding to evacuate before a hurricane strikes, or identifying optimal methods for allocating business resources. My work aims to understand how we use visualizations to make complex decisions about the future, including how the properties of a graphical display influence our judgments and how visualization scientists can enhance displays by capitalizing on human cognition and reasoning. My applied work in this domain has contributed predominantly to research on how we make decisions with displays of uncertainty123.

Visual Perception

My interest in visual perception stems from my background in Fine Arts. I am fascinated by how we can make sense of and ultimately make decisions about complex patterns of light. Our research topics in this domain include, binning continuous data1, color perception, and visual expertise.

Spatial Cognition

Working with a large team of anthropologists, we aim to understand how people reason with spatial information. My research has focused on understanding how the spatial skills of remote hunter gatherer tribes in Namibia1 and the Yucatan peninsula2 differ from WEIRD (Western, educated, industrialized, rich and democratic) populations. I am interested in the influence of visual information in spatial reasoning and utilizing systematic changes in visual information to infer cognitive processes associated with visuospatial data3.

Reseach Grants

NSF funded projects: Uncertainty Visualization Project and Spatial Cognition and Navigation (SCAN) Project

Visionary Grant: Improving Trust in Uncertain Science

Funding bodies: Gordon Research Conference
Role: PI
Value: $3,900.
Years: 09/1/17-9/01/18

CGV: Large: Collaborative Research: Modeling, Display, and Understanding Uncertainty in Simulations for Policy Decision Making

Funding bodies: National Science Foundation
Role: Research Assistant
Value: $1,799,124.
Years: 10/1/12-9/30/16

IBSS: Age Changes and Sex Differences in Spatial Cognition: Testing the Role of Mobility in Three Non-Industrial Societies and the US, Role

Funding bodies: National Science Foundation
Role: Research Assistant
Value: $999,871
Years: 9/15/13-2/28/18

DRL: The STEM Ambassador Program: A Scientist-Driven Public Engagement Model

Funding bodies: National Science Foundation
Role: STEM Ambassador
Value: $1,255,814
Years: 1/01/16-12/31/17


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  • Donald Hould
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